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 Webmaster Tools
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Search with Sianne:
Site optimization check. META Tag and keyword analyzer:

 Website Optimization
Check your website's search engine friendlyness and more here before submitting to search engines:

 Website Promotion
Promotion websites that don't exactly fit in one category

- GetRef.com
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 Website Promotion: Searchengines
Searchengines, often submitting to these is the first step in starting your website promotion.

- Google
- Yahoo!

 Website Promotion: Autosubmission
Autosubmitters submit your website to multiple searchengines at once, some searchengines refuse this though.
Use autosubmitters to cover a wide area but manually submit to the major ones yourself is my advice.

- Submit Express
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 Website Promotion: Autosurfers
Autosurfers earn you credits by showing you websites, you can use these credits to show your website in the surbbar and often they'll have a bannerexchange you can use your credits for as well.

 Website Promotion: E-Mail
At these websites you can promote your website in E-Mails.

 Website Promotion: MLM

 Website Promotion: Startpages

 Website Promotion: Top Lists
You can enter your site into these toplists, the more hits you send to them the higher your ranking and your return hits.

 Domain Registration
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Register payed TopLevel Domains like .com .net and .org

 Earn: Getpaid's
These websites pay you for reading mails and surfing the internet.

- ShareLoot.com
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 Earn: Affiliates
With affiliate programs you can advertise relevant products on your website using banners and links.

- Reseller Panel

 Fonts and Dingbats
Fonts and Dingbats to use for websites and graphics

- 1001 Free Fonts

 Hosting: Free
Free hosts, often in return for a banner or pop-up on your website.

- Freeservers.com
- RedRival

 Hosting: Professional
Professional hosting, the only real way to go but not affordable for everyone.
Keep an eye on ePanter for the "not affordable" part to change soon.

- Reseller Panel
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 Hosting: Your own startpage

 Script Collections
Here you'll find collections of PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP scripts

 Website Statistics
Deze little scripts monitor your website traffic and give you feedback on demographics, referrer and so on.
Some tell you more then others.

 DS-Web Sites
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- Cash - Geldzaken
- Ken je huisdier
- Webmeester - NL
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 Meest populaire links
- Cash - Geldzaken
- Webmeester - NL
- Ken je huisdier
- ShareLoot.com
- GetRef.com
- Yahoo!
- RedRival
- Reseller Panel
- Submit Express
- Reseller Panel

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