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 Webmaster Tools
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Search with Sianne:
Site optimization check. META Tag and keyword analyzer:

 Website Optimization
Check your website's search engine friendlyness and more here before submitting to search engines:

- Submit Express
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 Website Promotion
Promotion websites that don't exactly fit in one category

- GetRef.com

 Website Promotion: Searchengines
Searchengines, often submitting to these is the first step in starting your website promotion.

- Altavista
- Google
- Yahoo!

 Website Promotion: Autosubmission
Autosubmitters submit your website to multiple searchengines at once, some searchengines refuse this though.
Use autosubmitters to cover a wide area but manually submit to the major ones yourself is my advice.

- Submit Express

 Website Promotion: Autosurfers
Autosurfers earn you credits by showing you websites, you can use these credits to show your website in the surbbar and often they'll have a bannerexchange you can use your credits for as well.

- The Autohit Website
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 Website Promotion: E-Mail
At these websites you can promote your website in E-Mails.

 Website Promotion: MLM

 Website Promotion: Startpages

 Website Promotion: Top Lists
You can enter your site into these toplists, the more hits you send to them the higher your ranking and your return hits.

 Domain Registration
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Register payed TopLevel Domains like .com .net and .org

 Earn: Getpaid's
These websites pay you for reading mails and surfing the internet.

- Baozou Commerce
- Dutch Emails
- GainAgain
- Payingcents
- ShareLoot.com
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 Earn: Affiliates
With affiliate programs you can advertise relevant products on your website using banners and links.

- Reseller Panel

 Fonts and Dingbats
Fonts and Dingbats to use for websites and graphics

- 1001 Free Fonts

 Hosting: Free
Free hosts, often in return for a banner or pop-up on your website.

- Freeservers.com
- RedRival

 Hosting: Professional
Professional hosting, the only real way to go but not affordable for everyone.
Keep an eye on ePanter for the "not affordable" part to change soon.

- Reseller Panel

 Hosting: Your own startpage

 Script Collections
Here you'll find collections of PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP scripts

- Hotscripts.com
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 Website Statistics
Deze little scripts monitor your website traffic and give you feedback on demographics, referrer and so on.
Some tell you more then others.

 DS-Web Sites
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- Cash - Geldzaken
- Ken je huisdier
- Webmeester - NL
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 Meest populaire links
- Cash - Geldzaken
- Baozou Commerce
- Webmeester - NL
- Ken je huisdier
- ShareLoot.com
- GainAgain
- GetRef.com
- Submit Express
- Yahoo!
- RedRival

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